As salaamu alaykum and peace be upon you!

My name is Lailani M and I make dolls. I've been making these dolls for several years and it all started when I was looking four a very specific doll for my daughter that wore modest clothing and hijab just like her. Problem was, I couldn't really find anything for her. So that's what started my journey to making these dolls. I loved it and have been making them ever since.

I make dolls of 3 different skin tones and 3 different hair colors to accommodate the diverse races and skin tones. They are made without faces so as not to imitate Allah's (God's) own creation as best as possible making what I believe to be a halāl version of dolls compared to what the toy market puts out.

I love what I do and I do this seeking Allah's pleasure and to know that I am doing something worthwhile for the Ummah (Muslim community). He, Allah, gave me a wonderful gift and I use it to do what I love.

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